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Ready to make the switch from the desktop? New Celtx all-in-one online studios make creating and collaborating much quicker and easier.

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    What's happening to my Legacy Studio?

    Legacy Studios are here for a limited time. Legacy Studio features have been duplicated and vastly improved in the new Celtx online studio system. We encourage you to create a new Celtx account and take a 15 day free trial of the new system. Then, if you'd like assistance transitioning from Legacy Studios to the new system contact us at

    Can I buy a Legacy Studio subscription?
    No, we have discontinued selling Legacy Studios.

    When will you shutter Legacy Studios?
    Soon. We want to give all Studio users the opportunity to transition to the new Celtx online studio system and will shutter Legacy Studios shortly after.

    Can I sign in to a Celtx account/try the new online system using my Legacy Studio ID and password?
    No. Legacy Studios and the new online studio system use separate backends. You will need to create a new Celtx account to try the new system.

    How do I migrate projects from Legacy Studios to the new Celtx online studios?
    Migration can be completed in just a few minutes.

    1. Log in to your Legacy Studio (above)
    2. Download the latest version of all your Celtx projects to your desktop.
    3. Log out of your Legacy Studio.
    4. Create a new Celtx account at
    5. Sign in to your new Celtx online studio.
    6. Select the blue Upload arrow.
    7. Drag and drop your Celtx projects from your desktop into the uploads area. Otherwise, you can select 'browse your computer' to locate and upload any file(s) that you wish.
    Your projects are now in your new Celtx online studio.

    Can I migrate all my project versions from Legacy Studios to new Celtx online studios?
    You can migrate one version of your Celtx project from your Legacy Studio account to your new Celtx online studio. However, the new online studio will allows you to subsequently create unlimited versions of each file within a project.

    Can I migrate my Legacy Studio project shares?
    Once you migrate your Celtx project from Legacy Studio to your new online studio you will need to re-share files within that project. Just select the file in your cloud account -> Share feature, then plug in your collaborators' email addresses and they will receive a share request email.